How to store e-liquids and preserve flavour

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How to store e-liquids and preserve flavour

To make sure that your e-liquid stays fresh for longer, it’s important to take the correct precautions to ensure that you preserve and store your vape juice in the best way. If your e-liquid goes bad, it will be noticeable right away in the flavour and smell, you begin to notice a sour smell. This will completely ruin your vaping experience and may leave you stuck if you haven’t got any backup vape juices.
Here at Edge, we want to minimise the risk of letting your e-liquids go bad and hope this blog offers some insight so that you can continue to enjoy vaping without the bad taste!

Avoid Air and Light 

Keeping your e-liquid out of direct air and light is going to preserve the flavour and expand its lifespan. If your vape juice is left in light, the nicotine is one of the most impacted things that it will affect. The reason that leaving your e-liquid in the way of sunlight or exposing it to air is damaging is down to the oxidation process. The oxidising of the e-liquid will cause the nicotine to break down, sometimes causing a change in colouration with the nicotine browning over time.

Sometimes, e-liquids have the tendency to discolour and therefore you needn’t worry if this is the case, for example, flavours such as coffee may have a coloured tinge.

Inevitably, it is sometimes unavoidable when it comes to exposing your e-liquid to air when you are opening and closing the container of the liquid. However, if you leave your container open for long periods of time, the air will have a detrimental impact on your vape juice and can in turn cause it to go bad. This will speed up the process of your e-liquid going off. 

So where should you store them?

The best place to store your e-liquid(s) is in a container inside of a cupboard. This way if there are any air gaps in the e liquids themselves, the container will protect them from this. Placing them inside of a dark cupboard will ensure that they are not in direct contact with sunlight. 


You must avoid heat if you are wanting to preserve flavour and ensure that your e-liquid does not go bad. E-liquids must be stored in a cool area, such as a cupboard, to avoid any alterations to flavour or colour. If your vape juice is exposed to heat elements the molecular behaviour of the e-liquid can be hugely impacted. 

Room temperature is a good place to start when considering what temperature your e-liquid should be kept at.

What about freezing?

This may seem like an odd choice after recommending keeping your vape juice at room temperature, but some vapers prefer to have their e-liquid cold. E-liquid won’t freeze completely but if you are wanting a thicker vape juice, storing it cold will thicken it up for you. On the other hand, if you’re not wanting a viscous e-liquid, wait for it to warm up slightly before using it.

One of the best ways to store your e-liquid that you aren’t planning on using any time soon is to in fact keep it in the freezer, one of the downsides to this however is that it has the tendency to lose its flavour. 


Containers are a great way to keep your e-liquid out of the way of sunlight, heat and air. If you are wanting a long term container to prolong the life of your e-liquid, then glass containers work extremely well. Although this may be a more costly option than other options, glass doesn’t pose the risk of reacting with the vape juices the same way that plastic does. This way, you can store your glass container in the fridge or cupboard over longer periods of time if you aren’t planning on using your e-liquid any time soon.

However, if you don’t feel as though glass is an option you want to invest in, there is always plastic. Plastic is ideal for a short term solution when you know that you will be using your e-liquid more imminently. Plastic will increase the decay rate of your vape juice if you leave it over a long period of time which will make your e-liquid go bad. However, for a temporary fixture plastic will suffice.We hope that this blog has given you all of the information that you need on how to store your e liquid and preserve its flavour. We appreciate that there is nothing more frustrating than your e-liquids going bad so we want to help you avoid any unwanted disappointment! Here at Edge, we stock an extensive collection of e-liquids so be sure to check them out today!