How to Switch E-liquid Flavours Without a Bad Taste

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How to Switch E-liquid Flavours Without a Bad Taste

Trying out new vape juice flavours can be exciting, allowing you to experiment with a vast selection of different tastes that you might not have thought about ever trying out. But sometimes, your experience can be tainted when there appears to be an odd taste. 

Sometimes, this may just be that the vape juice that you’ve chosen to try out just isn’t the flavour for you. But don’t be put off, bad tastes can come from a multitude of different sources, such as burnt coils and the incorrect filling of the tank however it can also be the source of a conflict of flavours.

So, what if it’s not your chosen flavour but in fact the changing of the vape juice after all?

Of course, changing vape juices is a great way to keep interested and fulfilled by your e-liquid, but if it means that you aren’t getting a pure flavour, then why bother?

Here at Edge, we have the perfect solution so that you are able to change your e-liquid without having to worry about the bad flavour. 

Step 1 

Prepare your tank for rinsing

Delicately prepare your tank for cleaning so that you can make sure your next vape juice won’t create a crazy mix of flavours! Unscrew your tank from the vape battery

  • Discard the old vape juice. 
  • Unscrew the atomiser/coil from the tank

Step 2 

Discard any residue

Make sure that you discard any excess residue.

  • Make sure you rinse your tank through with warm water as E-Liquid has a tendency to attach itself to the side of the tank.
  • Dry your tank with a cloth making sure that you do so thoroughly, avoiding the potential dilution of the next e-liquid 

Step 3 

Rinsing your coils (option 1)

Rinsing your coils can be an arduous task but one of the most important if you really want to avoid those unwanted flavours. Making sure that the previous e-liquid is no longer embedded within the coils and vape wicks will help to avoid the unwanted mixture of flavour. Sometimes, this can feel like too much of a hassle and people often opt to replace the whole coil so that you don’t have to be responsible for the intricacies of cleaning.

  • When it comes to cleaning them, make sure that you use warm water to rinse 
  • Do so delicately so not to damage the coils
  • Allow your coil to dry out before using it again, this will avoid the potential of diluting the flavour of your next vape with water.

Rinsing your coils (option 2)

  • Take a little unflavoured e-liquid and flush out your coils and vape wicks
  • Flavourless e-liquids will make sure that your next flavour won’t taste of the remnants of the previous 

Step 4 

Filling up your tank

  • Once you’ve cleaned and allowed time for your vape tank to dry out then you’ll be able to refill with your vape juice
  • Make sure that you’re careful not to fill somewhere where it may spill over and damage anything, instead, we suggest filling it up over the sink or a plug hole. 
  • You don’t need to overly fill up your tank, sometimes it may be the case that you feel as though you seem to be wasting e-liquid but this could be as you are filling up your tank too full.

It is vital that you make the most out of your vaping experience, and making sure that you keep your tank clean is the perfect place to start. A common error is not allowing enough time for your vape tank time to dry, so be patient with the process to see the best results possible. Most of all, enjoy your new vaping flavour and don’t be afraid to be experimental and try something a little bit when it comes to tastes!

Here at Edge, we stock a vast selection of different flavoured e-liquids so that there is something to satisfy everybody’s taste buds. Whether you’ve got a fruity fantasy or an urge for savoury, you won’t be disappointed if you shop here at Edge. Be sure to check out our stunning range!