How do vapes work?

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How do vapes work?

Vaping devices, or e-cigarettes as they are often known, have undergone some change and development since the idea was conceived. When they first entered the market as a smoking alternative, the product universally mimicked the visual look of a cigarette, hence the name e-cigarette.

Since then, devices have tended to become larger for more e-liquid capacity and in order to host bigger batteries with longer life as well as the range of flavours which we know and enjoy has rapidly expanded.

At EDGE, we’re constantly adapting to consumer needs to perfect the UK’s number one vaping device brand and build our range of award-winning e-liquids.

Despite many innovations, the fundamental way that vaping devices work hasn’t changed much, operating by using power from a battery to atomise e-liquid into vapour.


All vaping devices house a battery which powers the internal vapourising process. Generally the batteries used in a vape are rechargeable lithium ion batteries which are charged from the base of the device using a USB charging cable. EDGE vaping devices use batteries with a robust mAh, for powerful all-day vaping.


Vaping devices run on e-liquid, sometimes referred to as vape juice. This is what is atomised into the vapour which is inhaled and exhaled from the device mouthpiece.

E-liquids are made up of a handful of key ingredients, including nicotine. The strength of the nicotine in the e-liquid is often variable, allowing for users to decide the right strength for themselves. To read more about what goes into an EDGE e-liquid, read more here

The vaping device you use will determine how the e-liquid should be topped up. Free-pour e-liquids, like those used with the EDGE PRO, are purchased in bottles and poured directly into an open tank inside the device.

Devices that run on pods or cartridges such as the EDGE GO or HYBRID run on replaceable pods which contain the e-liquid and click into the device.


The process of transforming e-liquid into vapour is known as atomisation. The liquid is atomised into a cloud of tiny particles by wicking the e-liquid into an internal heating element made of tightly wound conductive metal known as a coil.

The battery current passed through the coil powers heats the coil up and allows the user to draw vapour from the mouthpiece. 

For users of pod or cartridge-based devices such as the EDGE GO or EDGE HYBRID, the coil is housed internally within the replaceable e-liquid pods and so is changed with every new pod.

For users of free-pour devices such as the EDGE PRO the coil will need to be changed as it has a natural lifespan. Read more about coils and how to change them here.