What is an atomizer?

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What is an atomizer?

It’s easy to get lost when you’re new to the world of vaping... for instance, how is the average Joe supposed to know the difference between a clearomizer and a cartomizer? It is, however, a good idea to learn some of the lingo associated with vaping, as it can ultimately help you to edge closer towards that perfect vaping experience.

So how does an e-cig actually work?

In simple terms, an electronic cigarette is simply a device for changing the physical state of e-liquid into a gas by evaporation, which can then be inhaled. Of course, between dripping, coils and tanks, it can be a little more complicated once you delve beneath the surface.

What is an atomizer and how does it work?

In the greater scheme of life, atomisation is the process of turning a liquid into a spray – from household cleaning products, to perfumes and spray bottles, atomizers are everywhere. In the world of e-cigs, the atomizer is the device that uses power from the battery to heat a small coil that evaporates the surrounding e-liquid into a vapour.

So what does the coil do?

A coil is the key component of an atomizer and contains a substance referred to as ‘polyfill’, which absorbs e-liquid from the tank of the e-cigarette through a small submerged wick. The polyfill itself comes into direct contact with a red-hot filament inside the coil and a vapour is produced that can then be inhaled. The coil itself has a shelf life of between 1-2 weeks, as the polyfill loses its absorbency (depending on usage) and needs to be replaced. Luckily, they are very cheap and easy to change out.

Do I have to change the atomizer often?

A good-quality atomizer will last several years without showing a decrease in performance as long as it is used alongside good quality e-liquids; and as long as the coil is changed regularly, the atomizer should continue to perform as well as it did when it was new.

What are the signs that I need a new coil?

While not immediately obvious to new users, many vapers begin to notice a burnt flavour when they inhale if the coil is coming to the end of its life and the flavour of the e-liquid begins to fade. Often this is because the tank that holds the liquid has been allowed to empty, causing the wick to dry out and lose its efficacy. Another tell-tale sign that a coil is failing is a ‘gurgling’ sound when inhaling, as the e-liquid fails to evaporate consistently. If you’re interested in leaving traditional cigarettes and joining the vaping revolution, take a look at our vape starter kits, tank starter kits and e-liquids to help you make the transition.