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EDGE Replacement E-Cigarette Vape Coils

The vape coils for our EDGE devices have been designed to last! Made by vapers, for vapers, we know that they need to deliver maximum flavour in the most efficient way, without only lasting a few days before needing to replace them. Our EDGE Pro e cig coils include a revolutionary integrated mouthpiece, and combined with the EDGE Pro device offer effortless mess-free replacement.


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Noticing A Burnt Flavour? Maybe It’s Time To Change Your E Cig Coil?


The e cig coil is the element in the tank that vaporises your e-liquid. However, the material inside e cig coils will eventually start to burn, producing a less than optimal taste experience – and that’s when you know it’s time to change it. Vape Coils can often be a pain when it comes time to change them out. Often because it’s a lot less messy to do it when the tank is empty although it’s not always that easy.


While seasoned vapers are pros at changing out their vape coils, it can often be a hurdle for those trying to quit traditional cigarettes. Luckily, here at EDGE, our PRO system allows you to change your e cig coils without every having to open your tank thanks to our patented Rapid Replace Coil System. Simply unscrew the mouth piece, which contains the coil, and screw in a new one with no mess or spillages.


If you are in the mood to try some new flavours, why not take a look at our wide range of e liquid, short fills, high vg e liquid, e-cigarette pods and more.

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