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13 Beginner Vaping Mistakes and How to Fix Them

13 Beginner Vaping Mistakes and How to Fix Them
Inside this article is 13 common mistakes vaping beginners make, and how to fix them...

While those new to vaping may feel overwhelmed or inundated with the sheer amount of information available, it’s not necessary to become an expert to start your vaping journey. Read on for our top tips for beginners, and how to fix some common vaping mistakes.

1. Investing in either an extremely advanced or poor quality vape device

Choosing the right starter device for you is an important first step to building an affinity with your new vaping device. Poor quality, disposable e-cigarettes often use outdated technology and give an inferior quality of experience that could end up putting you off vaping for life.

Conversely, buying a sub-ohm box mod when you’re trying to make the initial switch from smoking could end up being an expensive and over-engineered device for your current needs.

Choosing a user-friendly device is crucial to setting yourself up for success. Consider the EDGE Hybrid, which has been designed with user friendly features such as e-liquid pods which are quick and simple to change and a familiar crush-ball menthol filter tip. Browse our full range of vaping devices 

2. Starting out with the wrong nicotine level 

Starting with the right nicotine level is a key consideration for those looking to make a successful switch from smoking to vaping, as it’s essential that you don’t start with too little, or too much nicotine. Edge’s selection of pods and free pour e-liquids range from 18 mg for heavy smokers down to 6mg for those looking to reduce their nicotine content, and 3mg.

 A general estimation is that if you currently smoke 10 or more standard cigarettes a day, 18mg nicotine strength is probably the right choice for you. If you smoke 10 or fewer light variety cigarettes, you may find 12mg a better fit.

We also carry a full range of nic salts, which can be a useful option if you are finding higher strength nicotine too harsh as it can deliver a smoother vaping experience. Our pods and free pour e-liquids range right down to 3mg for those looking to reduce their nicotine content over time.

3. How to choose the right flavour and PG/VG ratio

Choosing the right flavour may seem like a simple step, but to ensure that vape experiences remain a satisfactory smoking alternative, it’s important to pick the right flavour for you.

Edge’s range of e-liquid includes traditional menthol and tobacco flavours in both pods and e-liquids, as well as blackcurrant and an assortment of floral, fruity, and dessert vape juice flavours for those looking for variety in their experience.

PG/VG ratio simply refers to Proplylene Glycol, and Vegetable Glycerin, which make up the base of your e-liquids or pods. Both perform slightly different functions, with a higher PG liquid giving a satisfying throat hit much like tobacco cigarettes, while high VG liquids retain more moisture and produce larger clouds of vapour, perfect for sub-ohm vaping.

4. Stopping smoking suddenly and without support

Any significant lifestyle change will be more difficult without planning or support. Doing the research first to make sure that you’re choosing the right device, nicotine strengths and buying enough refills, is a step you can easily take to manage your switch.

Feeling supported can also be a vital motivating factor so consider asking a trusted person to help keep you accountable. Simply being part of a community, whether on social media or in a group or forum, can make all the difference. Follow us on facebook to join the discussion: https://www.facebook.com/edgevaping/.

5. Being uninformed, or simply overwhelmed

The wealth of information online regarding vaping can be confusing or overwhelming. While the unfamiliar can be scary, being informed is crucial when you’re making decisions which affect your lifestyle and health.

We’ve curated our vaping hub to help give simple and clear advice on how to start your vaping journey, as we believe that vaping should be easily accessible to anyone looking to make the switch.

6. Using an improper charging method 

It’s extremely important to remember to always, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the correct charging cable and USB/plug socket when charging your e-cigarette; failing to do so could result in your device overheating which could create a fire risk or short the device’s battery if it lacks the proper safety controls.

7. Believing that refilling a vape is too messy or fiddly to do

Originally, the majority of electronic cigarettes were either entirely disposable or had to be manually re-filled which we refer to as being an open tank system. Our streamlined pod systems, available with GO and Hybrid models, can be swapped out with remarkable ease, making any drips, slips, or spills a thing of the past. Even our free pour device, the Edge PRO, has an external filling port, meaning that you never even have to open your tank to effortlessly fill your vape.

8. Confusions surrounding changing the coil

Changing the coil on your new vaping device may seem daunting which is why our patented coil systems use innovative design solutions to quell any worries you might have.

Our Hybrid and GO models contain a coil in each pod, so you never have to worry about priming your coil or getting dry burn - you’ll automatically change the coil each time you change out your pod.

The EDGE PRO, which does require the coil to be changed has a unique patented coil system that makes coil changes simpler than ever before. Read more about coil changing

9. Improper storage of your vape

This is an issue that affects most first-time e-cigarette users. Exposing your vape to extremely hot or cold conditions or climates can affect the life of the product.

Alternative vaping device brands require a user to remember to keep your vaporizer in the ‘off’ position when storing between uses.

Fortunately EDGE devices are streamlined and buttonless in order to eliminate accidental activation of the device in a pocket or bag, meaning no more leaks. Always store your vape in a safe, dry place when out of use.

10. Using a device with poor battery life

We strive to ensure that our device batteries give long use between charging so you’re never without your vape when it’s needed.

Starter kits like our pod-based GO model have a new and improved 450mAh built-in battery offering up to 30% more battery life than previous models, meaning the hard decisions are already made for you! Shop the GO!

11. Not priming the coil when changing it

Unsurprisingly, coil concerns feature twice on this list of common mistakes, as coils can be a technical part of the device that users don’t fully understand before purchasing a device.

Priming may seem like an unexpected additional step in the coil change process, but rest assured, it is extremely simple. When you change a coil you should always allow it to prime, which refers to letting the internal wicking material in the coil absorb the e-liquid for at least 5-10 minutes before using it in order to prevent a dry hit that can hurt your throat.

12. Running out of e-liquids, pods or cartridges

In order to stick to your vaping routine make sure that you don’t get caught out without refills. For free pour devices, stock up on your favourite bottled flavours regularly. EDGE Hybrid pods are sold in packs of up to 5 and EDGE GO pods are sold in packs of 2 in order to make sure that you’re stocked up and prepared for success. 

13. Not understanding proper vaping etiquette

While vaping produces less waste products than smoking, it’s important to always dispose of your filter tips and pods safely, and, as with smoking, refrain from doing so in situations and places that could be considered an annoyance or offense. 


If you are considering vaping for the first time but want to make sure you start your journey in the right way, follow the advice above or check out our guide, How to Vape Properly to learn everything you need to know to get going in one easy place.

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