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Vaping In France in 2024: Everything You Need To Know

France has some of the most popular cities in Europe that us Brits enjoy jetting off to for a weekend break away, such as Paris, Nice and Marseille. Plenty of good food, sightseeing and exploring the culture await you when you visit, but you might be wondering what the vape laws in France are prior to your visit. Read on to find out everything you need to know!

Is It Legal To Vape In France?

Vaping is legal in France and it wasn't subject to any restrictions until 2016.

Vaping in France is perfectly acceptable, and as we mentioned above, it wasn't until 2016 before the first regulations and laws came in on vaping in the country, which was imposing an age restriction on the sale of vape related products. 

Can I Bring Disposable Vapes To France?

Yes, there are currently no regulations or restrictions on disposable vapes in France.

You're absolutely fine to take disposable vapes into France with you, and from our research, they are available to buy in vape shops around France as there isn't any ban on the sale of disposables within the country of France.

Can You Vape At Airports in France?

You can't vape inside the airports in France, but some airports do appear to have a lot of space after security for vaping.

Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris appear to have the most designated smoking/vaping areas after security than any other airport we've spoken about in this series! 

No less than 10 designated areas are located within the terminal building after you've gone through security. But be aware that these are small enclosed rooms which you will have to share with smokers and it could be quite uncomfortable if you haven't been around smokers for a while. 

Nice Airport isn't quite as well equipped though as you can only vape outside the terminal building before going through security and there aren't any areas past security. 

There is a smoking area after security at Lyon airport which has recently reopened to the public to use.


Vape Regulations in France

Alongside the age restriction laws, France also began following the TPD regulations in 2016.

France follow the TPD guidelines which were set out in 2016. They are as follows; 

  • E-Liquids cannot excdeed 20mg nicotine strength
  • E-Liquids that contain nicotine must not be sold in bottles larger than 10ml
  • Refillable Vape Tanks/Disposable Vapes must not exceed 2ml total vape juice capacity
  • All packaging must have clear health warnings that products may contain nicotine.

Where Can You Buy Vapes In France?

Vape shops are slightly few and far between in France, but supermarkets and tobacconists sell vape products!

Looking at Google maps, it's quite sad to see that specialist vape shops are few and far between in the country of France, but there are some well recommended ones on Trip Advisor such as Steam and Vape, S&C Vape as well as Ciga France E-Cigarettes.

However, according to our research, most major supermarkets in France do stock e-liquids as well as disposable vapes. 

And you can also buy vape liquids, and replacement coils from Tobacconists in France as well. 

It's worth stocking up and taking enough vape liquid and replacement coils with you for the duration of your trip as it might be hard to source refills or replacements if you decide to visit somewhere non centralised in France and won't be near any shops! 

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Where Can You Vape in France?

France have strict rules about where you're allowed and not allowed to vape, but vaping is allowed in some places at the building owner's discretion.

France are similar to most other countries we've spoken about in this series in regards to where vaping is not permitted. Some of the places include: 

  • No vaping where minors (under 18s) are present, ie schools, playgrounds. 
  • Vaping is not allowed in an enclosed workplace environment, but there are some exception to outdoor workers,  construction sites, or workplaces that have a dedicated vaping room away in the building.
  • Vaping is not allowed in bars, resteraunts, nightclubs and shopping centres. But it is permitted in some enclosed public spaces such as pubs and cafes at the building owners discretion. Always check with staff at these places before you decide to have a vape!

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