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The EDGE best practice series offers comprehensive information covering a range of specialised topics including; vaping, stopping smoking, mental health and beyond. 

Each guide will highlight key information, carefully researched facts, statistics, expert opinion and impartial guidance. 

By exploring the facts and providing solutions to specific pain points, the guide series is designed to empower people to make informed choices about their own lifestyle and wellbeing. 

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Find The Right Alternative

A detailed exploration of the options available to people seeking an alternative to smoking. Featuring the impartial positives and negatives of a variety of cessation options, an honest assessment of the risks associated with smoking alongside a candid assessment of vaping’s impact as a quitting tool.  

Supported by carefully researched medical facts and expert opinion, this guide seeks to empower those considering their quitting journey by providing the tools needed to make an informed, successful choice. 

How To Vape Properly

Coming soon...

A comprehensive introduction to vaping intended to support those who have recently decided to make the switch. By exploring devices, e-liquids, coils and beyond, this guide provides answers to the most common questions and solutions to frequently encountered pain points experienced by new vapers. 

By offering expert advice as vaping industry-leaders, this guide will provide the reader with a strong platform to help make their individual vaping journeys a success. 

Vaping And Mental Health

Coming soon...

A candid exploration of the mental health impacts of nicotine, stopping smoking, withdrawal, and how they can be affected by choosing alternatives like vaping. Discover carefully researched facts, statistics and medical evidence covering a range of lifestyles and public demographics to help prepare people for the mental challenges they may encounter on their quitting journey or when experimenting with different nicotine-based alternatives. 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The guide series forms a major part of our CSR provision, of which Education represents one of the five core pillars. 

To learn more about the EDGE CSR policy, visit our CSR hub.