Which EDGE device is right for you?

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Which EDGE device is right for you?

When making the switch from smoking to vaping, choosing the right device is an essential step. A device that doesn’t suit the user’s needs can put someone off vaping forever, but the right device can inspire a lifelong change. At EDGE we develop exclusive devices that provide a smooth transition away from cigarettes and a high quality vaping experience.

The GO

The EDGE GO is a disposable pod device  that is compact, simple to use and a perfect first step into vaping. The GO uses pods that come prefilled with e-liquids and have coils and mouthpieces built-in. With no need to manually refill e-liquids or change fiddly coils, GO pods simply click in and out for an easy and satisfying vaping experience. The GO is perfect for vapers who want a straight-forward, economical device to start them on their vaping journey.


The EDGE PRO is an innovative, all-in-one vaping device. Perfect for use with our wide range of free-pour e-liquids, the PRO is designed to be user-friendly, practical and efficient. The coil features patented Rapid Release technology and a built-in mouthpiece, making coil changes quick, simple and hygienic. There’s also a convenient external filling port, which enables rapid, mess-free e-liquid refilling. The PRO is an e-cigarette for vapers who are comfortable with vaping technology, want to explore more e-liquid flavours or want to reduce their vaping expenses even further. 


EDGE Cartomisers are a good first step into vaping. These small and straightforward e-cigarettes come prefilled with flavours, so there’s no need to use e-liquids. Cartomisers simply screw onto the corresponding battery and work with an inhale. Because they look the most like cigarettes, Cartomisers can be familiar and appealing to vapers trying to quit smoking. Cartomisers are a good choice for new vapers who want an economical and easy way to try vaping. Once they are more comfortable with vaping, users can move onto the GO to try other flavours and enjoy a more permanent device.