Is Vaping Without Nicotine Safe?

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Is Vaping Without Nicotine Safe?

Whilst vaping has been around for a while now, there’s still a lot of doubt and questions surrounding it. One of the most commonly asked questions is the one in the title of this blog; “Is Vaping Without Nicotine Safe?” 

Vaping as a whole is safer than what smoking is, whether it’s with or without nicotine. But vaping without nicotine does in fact make it that little bit safer as there’s no exposure to chemicals nor any chance of forming a nicotine addiction. 

In this blog, We’ll aim to answer the question in topic as well as highlighting a few of the benefits of vaping without nicotine as well. 

No Risk Of Addiction  

There’s a misconception about Nicotine with many people believing it’s one of the cancer causing chemicals found in cigarettes.  

There’s not been any scientific, fact-based evidence that shows Nicotine to be the cause of deadly diseases or a contributing factor to someone’s death.  

Nicotine however is a highly addictive chemical, and you can get easily addicted to Nicotine from either smoking cigarettes or using an e-cigarette with nicotine containing vape juice. 

If you were to use a nicotine free vape juice, then there is no risk of becoming addicted to nicotine simply because it’s not included in the vape juice you’re using!  

Less Exposure To Chemicals 

Vape juice is made up of three primary ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine and Flavourings.  

Most of the time, all of these ingredients are food-grade and they’re used in a wide range of different things other than vape juice, such as food flavourings, medicines and cosmetics.  

Nicotine is a variable ingredient, as it’s not always included when making vape juice, especially if it’s nicotine free.  

As I mentioned above, Nicotine is a chemical, so opting to using nicotine free vape juice means you will not be exposed to a chemical unnecessarily.  

Giving Yourself A Break From Nicotine  

If you use an e-cigarette and normally have nicotine in your e-liquid, it’s not a bad idea to give yourself a little break away from nicotine from time to time, and this can be done by using nicotine free e liquid.  

Finding your feet when you first starting vaping is something that a lot of people struggle with.  

The nicotine hit from an e-cigarette is something completely different from the nicotine hit you’ve previously been used to from a cigarette, and this may be slightly overwhelming to start off with.  

Ingesting too much nicotine at once may cause some minor short term side effects such as light headedness, nausea, or headaches.  

If this did happen, try using nicotine free vape juice for a period of time to let your body readjust as you’ll still be able to enjoy the flavours whilst having a break from nicotine.  

Richer Tasting Vape Juice  

One of the primary reasons people will turn to vaping and getting away from cigarettes is the fact that vape juice is considerably more flavoursome and more enjoyable than the taste of tobacco.  

Flavours are a key part of what keeps people from going back to smoking cigarettes, because let’s face it, who really enjoys the taste of tobacco?   

When Nicotine is added to a flavour base, it can cause a slight change in how rich and prominent the flavours come through when being vaped. It’s nothing major but does have a slight impact on the flavour.  

Opting to use a nicotine free e liquid means that you can get the maximum amount of flavour when vaping and enjoy it to it’s full potential.  

Smoother On The Throat  

Staying on the topic of flavour and what impact nicotine has on it, Nicotine can also make a vape juice a little bit harsh on the throat when vaped, especially if it’s a high strength freebase nicotine option.  

When you smoke a cigarette, you get a “throat hit” on inhalation which is the nicotine hitting the back of your throat, and something a lot of people want to replicate when moving across to vaping.  

This means that the addition of nicotine into vape juice alongside the PG as well helps replicate this throat hit effect. 

If you chose not to have nicotine in your vape juice, you won’t have any throat hit and your vape juice will be considerably smoother on the throat every time you have a vape.  

If you are craving nicotine but don’t want a throat hit, you can also explore nic salts/bar salts, which deliver even higher strengths like 20mg without a strong hit. 

Buying Nicotine Free Vape Juice Can Work Out Cheaper 

Back in 2016, the UK Government introduced a set of legislations which would regulate the vaping industry and how vaping products would be sold from that point forward.  

One of the key things rolled out within these regulations was that bottles of vape juice which contained Nicotine could not be larger than 10ml in size.  

This opened the door for the creation and sale of “Shortfill” bottles of vape juice. Large bottles filled with nicotine free vape juice which someone can add their own nicotine to if they wish.  

A clever way for people to get round these regulations, but also a massive help for people who may be wanting to vape nicotine free vape juice as buying a shortfill of vape juice works out more cost effective than buying the smaller 10ml bottles.