UK Customers Trust EDGE Vaping

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UK Customers Trust EDGE Vaping

As the UK’s Number one brand, EDGE are committed to doing everything we can to support customers on their vaping journeys and furthering our mission to help people worldwide quit smoking. 

To achieve this, we regularly engage with you, our audience, to get your vital feedback and shape our future endeavours in ways that have a positive impact on our community. We recently gave our customers the opportunity to honestly rate EDGE alongside a range of the UK’s other leading vaping brands, to help us understand how we can do more for you.

Our findings have given us great pride in understanding that EDGE products are continuing to resonate with customers. Beyond this however, as pioneers of vaping Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we are thrilled that EDGE has also been recognised as leaders in safety and advocates of improved wellbeing.

Vaping Products That Customers Trust

Of all the responses provided, EDGE outshone the competition in terms of trust, quality and safety. Over 80% of all respondents stated that not only was EDGE a brand they could trust with high product quality, they would even recommend our range to friends and family who are actively trying to quit smoking.

Almost 80% again stated that EDGE was a brand they felt cared deeply for e-liquid and device safety, which has cemented their opinion that vaping can be a healthier alternative to smoking. In fact, the results demonstrated that consumers rate the quality and safety of EDGE vaping products far more highly than that of competitors, outstripping the next leading brands by at least 15% on both fronts.

In conjunction with our mission as a business, almost 70% of respondents stated that they perceived EDGE to be a brand which tries to help smokers quit, with 60% recognising us as a quit-smoking expert outright. This is in stark contrast to the other leading brands, which were seen as less knowledgeable and less approachable as a platform for actual support in their transition from smoking to vaping or simply away from nicotine altogether.

How EDGE Delivers Quality

We have a number of resources and processes in place that allow us to produce dependable and trustworthy vaping products and information to any who need them on their vaping journey. Despite this, we recognise that we have a lot of room to grow and offer even greater levels of support to our customers.

To maintain and build on our successes to-date, we are constantly innovating to deliver even better e-liquids and vaping devices, as well as support and education to empower decision-making and drive positive change for anyone looking to try vaping or simply find the best alternative for their needs.

Premium Quality E-Liquids and Devices

We have dedicated technical, regulatory and quality control teams which allow us to produce vaping products of unmatched quality and safety. Every batch is held to exacting standards, being subject to rigorous testing by our in-house ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, ensuring total compliance and safety for your peace of mind.

We manufacture in a completely bespoke ISO class-7 clean facility, using only the finest ingredients and components, with full traceability. Our suppliers are also regularly audited to ensure our raw materials are always up to the standard our customers deserve.

Every EDGE device is designed with the user in mind, from the award-winning compact EDGE GO pod system to the innovative EDGE Pro vape pen complete with rapid release coil technology. We engage with our customers and respond the their feedback to create devices that solve the biggest pain-points felt by vapers, no matter their lifestyle.

Education and Support

EDGE aims to provide customers with accurate, informative and honest educational content wherever it is needed. Answering the biggest FAQs in vaping and by providing one-of-a-kind support to those looking for impartial guidance when transitioning away from smoking.

Education forms one of the 5 E’s of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy, and as such is given careful attention to ensure we are only ever providing you with highest-quality information possible to provide comprehensive support.

Our Best Practice Guide series marks a continued effort to cement EDGE as more than just another vaping brand, but as a trusted partner in peoples journeys away from smoking. Our lifetime Making the Switch campaign provides the ultimate starting point for these people and further demonstrates EDGE’s commitment to its customers.


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