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EDGE Elite is our premium range of e-liquids, containing some of our greatest flavours created with the best ingredients available. Our elite e-liquid range is priced between £2 and £4 , meaning you can experience premium flavours without paying over the odds.

Available in a vast range of nicotine strengths, our premium e-liquids are guaranteed to become your firm favourites. Our Elite range vape liquids are available in varying nicotine strengths, from 6mg to 18mg. All of our e-liquids are made by certified professionals at our UK-based laboratory in an ISO Class 8 clean facility.

So, why not try something a little different today when you shop our premium e-liquid range? For more delicious flavours, be sure to explore our full e-liquid range. Shop today and receive free delivery on orders over £15.

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More About This Range

Join the Elite

In our Elite e-liquid range, you will find a selection of high-quality vape juices. Made right here in the UK, our expert team of e-liquid manufacturers work tirelessly to provide such high-quality EDGE vape juice flavours. Each Elite e-liquid is specially developed to provide you with the best vaping experience possible each time. 

Our Elite range branches out into refined, carefully selected flavours to hit the palate. Some flavours include blue raspberry, menthol and rich tobacco. Our technical team have worked hard to develop the perfect balance in these Elite e-liquids, meaning you are guaranteed to enjoy every puff. 

Alongside a variety of flavours, our Elite e-liquids also have a variety of nicotine strengths to choose from. From 6mg of nicotine for those looking for a minimal throat hit, to 18mg for those looking for a stronger throat hit. There is a flavour and a nicotine strength for every vaper.

Don’t break the bank

Ranging from £2-£4[1] , our Elite range of e-liquid flavours are ideal for those looking to save money without compromising on flavour. When you choose EDGE, you choose the UK’s premium juice flavours, and can expect to enjoy exceptional quality e-liquid. At EDGE, we pride ourselves on being an affordable, high-quality vape juice provider. 

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Enjoyment with every puff

As the UK’s number one vape liquid brand, we know a thing or two about creating great e-liquid. We have perfected our e-liquid formula to maximise every flavour, and guarantee enjoyment with every puff. Our teams work hard to make sure that every e-liquid is just right for you. So, whether you are a fan of the Elite mango, or prefer a more classic Heizen flavour, you can rest assured knowing that every drop will deliver the same smooth taste experience every time. 

We work tirelessly with our manufacturers to ensure that our e-liquids work in tandem with your vape device. Every batch is carefully and comprehensively tested to make sure that we do not compromise the integrity of your coil, or crack your tank. You can be assured that your vape device is protected against damage when using Elite e-liquid. 

Our e-liquid is manufactured in an entirely bespoke ISO Class 8 clean facility, with each e-liquid being batch-tested to check that we are providing you with high-quality vape juice. Our elite e-liquid flavours are created so that you can enjoy flavoursome liquids without having to compromise with the amount that you spend. 

How do I buy Elite e-liquids online?

Our buying process is made as simple as possible for you. Our quick and secure checkout process is designed to make purchasing your new favourite e-liquids as quickly and easily as possible. Simply select your chosen e-liquid, choose the nicotine strength that works best for you, and add it to your basket. We use Worldpay and Paypal, meaning your payment details and card information are completely secure. Information required for each payment is sent in an encrypted form from your internet browser to the payment service.

What device works best with elite e-liquids?

Our Elite e-liquid is blended with our finest flavours and a 50/50 blend of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerol (VG), and high grade nicotine. All of our Elite e-liquids are optimised for working best with devices with a coil rated at 1.0ohm or above, like the EDGE Pro.